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This is the Official My Lead System Pro Video Presentation by Brian Fanale.  
Dear Entrepreneur, 

My name is Yvonne Anderson and I am extremely excited that you've landed on this page. 

"Why?" (you ask)

Because you are about to discover the system that totally changed the way I generate leads online, skyrocketed my results and made building my business fun. Using the strategies inside this system is exactly how I was able to personally signup 587 new members in just 11 months and earn multiple six-figures without doing the old school traditional marketing methods that most of us hate.  This system can dramatically change the results you are getting in your  business too, but only if you choose to take action and do what myself and other top producers online are doing.

Are you ready to stop struggling in your Network Marketing business and finally start getting the results you've always wanted? 

I feel you, because I was there too!

Imagine getting 20 to 50+ fresh targeted leads every day. 
Imagine making more sales, and getting signups into your business every day.
Imagine that you no longer have to chase and pitch your friends and family.
Imagine instead that you have people coming to YOU to buy from and join your business.
How would that change your life?

The ground breaking system I am referring to is called My Lead System Pro (MLSP for short). It is the best online training and marketing system on the planet where you brand YOU, become the authority figure in your target market and position yourself as a leader.  This makes people want to join you and NOT the competition.   MLSP is not an MLM or opportunity company. It is a marketing education platform that you can use to learn to generate more leads, earn more money, and recruit more distributors by bringing value to the market place using the internet.  And it will work for you even if you are technically challenged or are brand new to network marketing, direct sales or affiliate marketing.  You ill create your perfect lifestyle with complete financial security by learning to market effectively using the internet.  The internet is here to stay, so you might as well learn how to use it.

Imagine for a moment that you no longer have to handle objections and people who you don't know are joining your business and buying your products without even talking to you.  

Sounds awesome, right?

Well that's exactly what starts to happen for you when you learn the art of attraction marketing and how to brand YOU.  Plus, you'll no longer have to pickup the phone and pitch your opportunity to strangers, you'll no longer have to attend hotel meetings or host home parties, you'll no longer have to distribute flyers or put up yard signs and you'll never have to chase your friends & family.  You can create your perfect lifestyle and complete financial security by learning to market more effectively online.  

How cool is that?

This is your chance to conquer the internet and reach your goals much faster than you ever thought possible. I urge you to take the time to watch all of the videos and read every word on this page, then signup for your risk-free 10-day test drive. I know you're going to be so glad that you did.  Get 10 FREE days in the best training and online marketing platform 
on the planet! 

With love & excitement for you,   
Get excited, because we are going to give you EVERYTHING to IMPLEMENT this 'Top Earner Brand YOU Recipe' in YOUR business starting today!
We're going to give you TRAINING COURSES! Everything you need to know to build your brand, attract leads to you, and turn those leads into customers & reps for your network marketing business.
This education is like the Harvard for home business owners who want to write your own paycheck... (and by the way, a semester at Harvard will cost you $60,659... access to our 46 training courses to implement this 'Top Earner Recipe' today will cost you less than $10 bucks)
We're going to give you the tools! This includes a website builder to create simple websites and capture pages, a fortune 500-type crm (customer relationship manager) to follow up with interested prospects, and ready-to-go websites & lead magnets designed to GET LEADS TODAY for your network marketing business.
We're going to give you the community! This tight-knit family-like community provides 24x7 support, and truly wants you to succeed. Unlock VIP access to a priceless private facebook group of successful home business owners who will answer your questions within minutes. We've never seen anything like it...
Are YOU Ready to Become An Industry Leader?
Are You Ready to Become a Top Producer & 
Crush Your Company's Leaderboards?
Have Others Been Successful With MLSP?

Watch these short testimonial videos from real MLSP members.  Hear how this system has helped them.

Real Marketing, Real Results!
Give yourself a fighting chance, follow the system & recipe, and build your dream business today.
Exclusive Team Only Bonuses!
Get These Extra Special TVT Bonuses When 
You Sign Up For MLSP Mastery
*Team Bonuses are Available for Mastery Members Only

The Founder of our team, The Victory Tribe explains who we are, what we do and how we can help you build your business the right way using Attraction Marketing and the MLSP system.

You'll get access to our exclusive team only The Victory Tribe training vault to help you navigate your way through MLSP.  There is a lot of training inside of MLSP which can seem overwhelming at times.  We want to make sure that you get off to a fast start and get some quick results.
Every Thursday evening at 9 PM EST, The Victory Tribe team holds a LIVE Google Hangout to share even more insider techniques.  As an affiliate of MLSP, you can share your hangout page link with others, and if they click on the Watch the Video button on your page and get started with MLSP, you'll get the commissions.  You'll earn a whopping $100 per month for each active MLSP Mastery Member you refer. Watch our most recent team hangout here.
You'll be apart of an amazing group of online entrepreneurs just like you to network with & get your questions answered inside of The Victory Tribe Facebook Group.  This is a smaller more intimate team only group that you'll have access to for additional support.
"If You Want Better Results in Your Business, Then Becoming a 
MyLeadSystemPro Mastery Member is a MUST!"
Yvonne Anderson - (YFC)
"Yvonne from Colorado"
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We aren't even asking you to make a decision right now... peek behind the curtain, and decide in 10 days if this is something that can grow your business.  
We are removing any risk and putting it on our shoulders to make sure we deliver to you exactly what we promise... RESULTS IN YOUR NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY. 
If you decide not to invest the $9.97 in yourself right now, nothing changes. 
We can help you & your family create the lifestyle you were promised when you first got started.
Last Second BONUS: we're throwing in a free 1-on-1 1-Hour Coaching & Strategy Session valued at $397 absolutely free to make sure you GET RESULTS in YOUR network marketing business with this new marketing & branding approach.
YES, we actually do want you to succeed! YES you too can make serious money in network marketing! We'll prove it to you...
The step-by-step training courses, the tools & software, the community & support, all scientifically engineered to BRAND YOU, get leads, and sponsor reps so you can finally make money in your network marketing business... that's all we're promising. 
This is the step-by-step 'Top Earner Brand YOU Recipe' to grow any network marketing business... 
It's just like the recipe you followed as a kid to bake that delicious chocolate cake... and when followed, this 'Top Earner Recipe' works every time.
- No more chasing, cold calling, convincing
- No more hotel meetings and home parties
- No more bothering your friends, family & co-workers
- No more rejection
- No more overcoming objections
- No more struggle, shame, or pain
- And imagine easily recruiting more strangers (folks you've never met or even talked to before)...

Real marketing, real results! Give yourself a fighting chance, follow the system & recipe, and build your dream business today.
Take your no-brainer 100% risk-free test drive today, get instant access to EVERYTHING on the next page, and welcome to the family... we are waiting for you with something special on the next page!
P.S. Take your risk free drive to the top earner system that will get you all the tools and training to brand YOU, become the leader, and build a profitable business...
Get more leads, make more sales, sign up more reps, and make more money... and you can get started 100% risk free TODAY!

INCOME DISCLAIMER:  MyLeadSystemPRO® (MLSP®) is an education company and marketing platform, not an income opportunity. Some of our customers are also affiliates and earn commissions by referring other people to our products and services. Testimonials are from actual MLSP customers who were not compensated for their statement, though they may receive a commission if you join MLSP or purchase something from the endorser's business. Statements on this page regarding income, lifestyle, and likelihood of success are not a guarantee of what you should expect, nor are they typical of average MLSP users or average participants in any other business to which the MLSP program may be applied. Some users will make NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. Full Earnings Disclosure.

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